762 New eLearning Character Images (and more, of course!)

The eLearningArt engine was crankin’ in July and it’s only picking up more steam here in August!

We released a ton of new character images, created a bunch of design hacks, and published four awesome blog posts. 

I even managed to find some  s – n – o – w  to feature in this post! =D

But before we jump into that, let’s jump into all of the eLearningArt updates! 


So, it’s a new month, and there’s someone new in the eLearningArt cutout character library …

Join me in welcoming Malini to eLearningArt!

We think she’ll fit right in the the eLearningArt cutout character team, because, really, what’s not to love about Malini? 

 Across more than 760 photos, we get her full personality.

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