By Craig WeissLearning System Buyer’s Guide

I love buyer’s guides. There is something about gaining insight and knowledge around various products or offerings when you either have limited or zero-knowledge around these items, but you want to purchase one at some point. The problem today is when you surf the web, you see all these guides written by content marketers, not experts in L&D or training or learning systems or even e-learning. As a result, people base their decision-making and buying on folks whose expertise is the same as Mollie, who you waved to at the park, last week. Mollie is your accountant.

This guide is going to cover quite a few topics, including a few that I have discussed in the past, and for those, I am linking back to the post, unless there needs some updating to the post – which I will include here.

Any buyer’s guide should have some caveats.

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