By Craig WeissThree Takeaways Today

Hodgepodge. It’s a nice word, and one that truly reflects this post. I could have gone one route, or selected another or even a third way, but after deep consideration, okay, five minutes, I decided on this way – three takeaways in one article.

Do they have anything in common with one another? Seriously? It’s me. So, no, no they do not.

Will they spur visceral responses? Who knows. I mean what is visceral anyway? I’m asking for a friend.

The Three

PowerPoint is not E-Learning and shouldn’t be used as your course tool/development – For whatever reason, there are people who have been around online learning for years, who still see PPT as a means for the creation of content – i.e. courses. I’m here to tell you – they are way off base.

Learning System Execs of the Year – Something new for 2020.

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