By Craig WeissWhat is your comfort level with your learning system?

I often mention leasing a car when talking about a learning system. When you “buy” a learning system, you are actually leasing it. Sure, there are some vendors who will sell you the system outright, but then you either pay extra for the updates or you just have a system that never gets updated. Oh, and it has to sit either on your own servers OR you pay to host it somewhere.

Getting back to the car analogy.

Most people are equally excited and nervous when looking at cars. Some are worried about the salesperson making a b-line to you, others prefer the process, of looking, debating, wanting to see more and then go and find a salesperson to get a test drive done. The salesperson aggressive not withstanding, the end game is to get a test drive.

After a test drive, you will either want the vehicle or not.

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