Did you get the best deal?

Eight million dollars.  Think about that number for one second.  Eight million dollars.  It is a lot by far, and it was what a buyer (i.e. company) over paid for their LMS.  The LMS vendor got away with charging  an outrageous amount for their system, with a “deal for them”.  

$48 a seat.  Seems high right?  Once again, a buyer paid that under the $4/pp/per month, angle, which equates to $48 per seat.  With 1,000 end users.  Again, a “deal” according to the vendor. 

APIs included at no charge, but our setup fee is $75,000. $75,000 to setup a pre-packaged system, where you get the base configs everyone else gets? What is the 75K actually for? Oh, wait, I forgot it’s a deal.

The Pricing Wars

Whenever a recession hits the e-learning industry, and especially at the learning system market, pricing should drop. Rates should be lower, and services provided expanded.

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