Learning System Mkt. Forecasts

I’d love to tell you that the forecasts below are all happy stardust and puppies, but the fact is, well they are not.  A few have the potential to switch from a negative to positive, others well, it comes down to a variety of variables, now that we are all in this together (the Pandemic).   I am confident that there will be people out there in the net screaming “Obvious” or some other spin, but trust me, when I say, that with the exception of two forecasts, the rest of them are based on trend lines, which started at the beginning of this year.

Forecast 1 – Pricing

In looking over the past 10 years of pricing data (that I have been tracking) when it comes to learning systems, there is a repetitive variable, ok,, variables at play.

  • Pricing per year (i.e. per seat, per user, = per year),  drops when there is a recession.

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