What you need 2 know: 3rd Party Content

There may come a time, when you need content. Content these days, well, it is an umbrella term to represent courses (micro too), videos, articles, materials, workbooks, other types of learning resources, podcasts and so forth.  If it can be consumed for knowledge, then it slides under content. 

When it comes to content, as a consumer you have a few options.  You can build your own via a 3rd party authoring tool.  You can hire someone or some entity to build your content for you.  You can find free content all over the internet and you can purchase 3rd party content from a content provider.

Nowadays thanks to the growth of Learning Engagement Platforms, whereas content is a requirement – an essential no less, LMS vendors are jumping head first into the content marketplace that is viewable by all clients (rather than pitching the content via the phone or other comm method).

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